Author: Valeriy Vorobev

If you have been thinking about learning how to make wire jewelry using this technique, but didn’t know how to start, then you are in the right place. I will definitely help you. Getting started with this technique is much easier than it seems. This technique allows you to create beautiful, one of a kind jewelry. In fact, all you need to get started is a stone, wire and a small set of tools

If you are a newbie in wire work, I will lead you through the details of how to master this technique. You can use it to create beautiful jewelry pices and accessories. Experienced craftsmen will also be interested in my lessons. I will show you my unique designs. You might like it and want to do exactly the same. Thus you are able to find something new for your works.

For the bracelets, I used 2.2 mm thick copper round wire (11ga). 

Double twisted round copper wire 1.6 mm thick (14ga).

Half-round copper wire about 1.5 mm wide (14-16ga).

To make the bracelets, we will need a small set of hand tools.

Blow torch with a combustion temperature of at least 1300 degrees Celsius.

Polishing machine with special felt tips.